From the firm: Building a solid financial foundation

As the clock strikes midnight and we’re thrust into a new year, hope for a successful year is renewed. We can start the new year with a clean slate and start building a strong foundation for ourselves and for our businesses.

This year, we’re starting our Financial Foundations series, which is devoted to the cornerstones of a solid financial strategy for your business. In this issue, we’ll talk about the financial indicators you should track to keep a pulse on how your business is doing at all times.

Make sure you’re ready for tax season—it’ll be here before you know it. With our five proactive tips (hint: one is to get started early), this upcoming season will be your most stress-free yet.

Inflation is at a 40-year high, and we’re all feeling it. But fear not—we cover the tax changes you need to know for 2023 and how your personal and business taxes will change due to inflation.

Feeling like a change of pace may be on the horizon? We share the top six signs that you’re ready for a new career...or even a new business venture.

You may not be a morning person now, but you could be. Read about the latest gadgets to help you get out of bed and the methods that can keep you energized all day long. And with that extra energy, extend the season of love throughout the year with our fun and quirky vintage-inspired valentines.

Happy New Year!

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